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When handing out a resume, should you staple the two pages together?

Or is it better to leave the two pages unattached with your name on the top of the second page?

Use a clear sleeve as staples can prick fingers.

My dad has hired at least 300 people, from junior level engineers, finance and business, to program managers and executives (he's now a senior VP in aerospace). I asked him this question.

He said of course you staple. No matter how neat and clean the sheets are, if he has to spend a second reordering your resume or figuring out if everything thing is in order, it immediate sets the wrong impression. It's not a deal-breaker - obviously if the person is a star then a little mistake not stapling a resume will be overlooked - but that initial impression is negative. Do you really want that?

On a second note, he also said that unless you're going for a senior position, no way should you have more than one resume anyway. If you can't say what you want in 1 page, that's a problem.

That's what he said at least.

EDIT - he said a paperclip is fine too.

If your resume is more than one page it is proper to get a clear covering for it to keep the pages together. It also impresses most people and yours will be on the top of the stack. Don't forget to dress nicely and be well groomed when dropping them off, first impressions go a long way. Don't be afraid to use good manners as well. (I was the one who took the resumes to pass on, I was told to dump the undesireables and not pass them on. Impress the one receiving the resume without giving flatery.)

When I get resumes with cover letters in, I like to see double sided (but these people are looking for ecology related I am easily impressed by that hehehe).

Normally however, most people don't print double sided and I prefer getting multiple pages unstapled, with the name and phone number at the top, in a new full sized envelope (I really can't stand folded resumes because they are more cumbersome - seems odd, but when you have LOTS of resumes to go through, folded ones are annoying). When I have lots of resumes, I tend to look at the enveloped ones first!!! They are easy to grab, and easy to sort through... Maybe it's just me...


PS I agree with chandra! Use a cover letter describing what qualifications you have that are specifically related to the job posting! The recruiters will snap out of their haze of resume reading and focus more on YOUR resume as compared to others!

A resume should "never" be more than one page. You only tell the important and highlights on a resume and leave the small stuff to discuss in an interview. You don't just "hand out" a resume. Most places these days want you to come in and apply on their computer. And, you never these days apply for a job that is not open (not written up somewhere like in the classifieds). How you get a specific job is by having the specific items the job requires. A "first" job is usually gotten thru relatives. Experience does count. Keep employed as any halt in work may be seen as a negative.

Never staple.
Two separate sheets with name at top of each. On the second page, just have your name without all the other stuff like address and phone that way the interviewer knows which page is which.
Even better, if possible, is having a one-page resume. It's generally recommended as being less intimidating and time-consuming. I've heard of interviewers who refused to read the long ones...they are usually operating in a real time crunch.
Good luck.

Look over your resume and determine why your resume is two pages. Try to shorten your resume to one page, less paper the better, but if you need to use two pages, just place them in a manila folder and dont staple the pages. (use a paperclip) If you need more room, remember that objectives are not really needed on resumes.

A resume should always be on one sheet if possible. The person who will be or is considering to hire you only wants to know the main points of your accomplishments. A single sheets allows them to see everything they need all at once without having to fumble with two pages, however, if you have a lot of accomplishments, two sheets max. Good luck and hope this helps

Unattached because it is very very likely that copies of it will be made, and if you staple it, that is annoying. The person copying it will staple it after they copy it or paper clip it. Do put your name on both pages in case they get separated.

I had a job where I opened and copied many resumes!

No, you do not staple them. On the second page at the top you put Your Name, p.2.

Quality paper and quality printing is also essential.

Do not print back to back! They might not realize there is a second page.

1-2 pages is usual, but some people need 3. No more than 3!!!!

Not attached, be sure to write a good cover letter, that is probably the single most important thing. If you don't get their attention with the cover letter, chances are they won't even look at your resume. Good luck...oh name both pages.

Two pages?


YOu have to keep it limited to one page. Always.

I don't care if you were governor of all 50 states, and held every rank in the Army and Navy, you must keep it to one page.


I do all the hiring in my company and I find it impressive when a resume is in a clear folder with brads. Make sure you use a cover page that is memorable.

Don't ever use a staple, it looks cheap. Paper clip is fine, or just fold them together. They will unlikely get separated if the person is interested in you. ;)

if you email them you number the pages.. you can't staple them... and if you send them by mail you can either staple them or you need to number them.. they need to know how many pages if they are separate....


No staples, and keep it short and abridged version if you will. Put it in a folder if it is more than 2 pages. Good luck!

Try and type with slightly smaller fonts so that you can fit it all on one page.

Never staple anything in a letter

Write your introduction and CV on separate pages.

Good luck

Its not a big deal...the recruiter will not deduct points because you stapled your two-page resume. What counts most is the quality of data you had written on your resume...its not a big deal really.

Unnattached...put it in a folder or envelope to keep it together. Also, put name on both pages.

No, just your name and phone number on the second page.

It's better to have one, neat, page. Much more impressive.

unattached in a folder.

No leave them seperate just make sure you have all of your info on there such as your name.

unattached, name on both pages

Option #2.

1 page, small writing. Can't get neater.

Name on the second page, and don't staple them.


Definitely! Use your common sense to make it as easy as possible for recruiters to go through your resume. You can even print double sided . Make sure your resume is not longer than 2 pages don't use fancy fonts and formatting as this makes it hard to read. Make sure you have no gaps in work history and clearly identify the type of diploma or certificate you have received when listing educational and training background. Don't just list skills but rather explain how you have utilized them. I hope this helps! Good luck!

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