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Should I put my resume on cardstock?

I think card stock will make it stand out because, it's a thick texture. What do you guys think?

No. ditto brightly colored paper. People that receive the resumes KNOW thats why you did it, and frankly its annoying. Let your talent and experience cause you to stand out. Your resume should be clean, well laid out, easy to read, and to the point.

DO do a nice paper though, not just copy paper. A heavier weight, like a 24lb, even a 30lb text would be nice, but thats as heavy as I would go. Classic Laid, or Classic Columns are excellent choices. You can do creams, or even a pale yellow or beige, but nothing dark or brightly colored. French also makes some nice text sheets as well. Something with a nice hand is a much better idea.

Avoid script, bold, funky, and hard to read fonts. Also avoid unnecessary graphics. Again, keep it clean and classic, that will make it stand out.

I vote no too. Go with the resume paper, like a thick linen quality paper.

No lady dont do that. A job might get the wrong idea about your choice of thinking. Just keep it on pain 20lb paper.

Maybe give it a try, it cannot hurt. Resume's on regular paper tend to look all be the same, perhaps you might have someone notice it more instead of throwing it away.

It will be more expensive to mail, as it cannot be folded. I do not think you will be able to print that sort of thing on your home printer though, unless its thin cardstock.

There is a such thing as resume paper and it is not cheap but most interviewers like this paper more than plain white simply because it stands out and it's a little thicker. Go with resume paper. There are many colors and styles.


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