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What does "references available upon request" mean on a resume?

What does "references available upon request" mean on a resume?

It means, simply; "references will be available upon request" (usually, after you submit your resume), and the interviewer or a person who is interested in hiring you, will want to do a more throrough background check, will then ask you for your "references". This is probably a good idea, especially if you post your resume online, "where everyone can see it"! This way, you will protect your good references, and their names and phone numbers won't be out there for anyone and everyone to call (or even possibly steal their identity)...

It means that if they ask u for a reference it would be someone they can call to ask questions about u. Upon request part means that wither u will provide it upon request or that it is written down and can be providid at request!

That the person doesn't have a prepared list of references and hopes they aren't asked to give references. If someone wants a job they provide the necessary and requested information upon the first request. That means no blanks on apps and no "upon request" evasion.

It means that you have letters of recommendation from people who count--teachers, employers, clergy, etc. Rather than staple all these to your resume, you can provide them if necessary.

Because I worked as a writer, I have a portfolio of work samples and a section in the back with comments from clients/employers who thought I was wonderful.

I always put that on my resumes because I don't want to supply references until I at least get an interview. I don't want my references phone numbers to be public information.

It means that you have references and if the person interviewing you would like to have your reference, you could provide them.

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