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What are you supposed to put under the "Objective" part of a resume?

Never understood what I'm supposed to say here...please help!

It's what you're hoping to accomplish by submitting your resume but there's a caveat here. Don't say to 'get a job' has to be something like:

To obtain a position that utilizes my skills, acknowledges my contribution and provides an opportunity for growth.

It pretty much says...I'm looking for a job, I am damn talented, I want to be recognized for my hard work and I'm hungy enough to work towards a promotion.

Good Luck.

It just says what you want to accomplish. But, you know, since a resume should be only two pages max, I think the objective part just wastes space. Hiring managers just seem to speed read that part.

Basically u r supposed to write wat u intend(dreams) to do........what u can do for the company..........Do not exaggerate it wud have negate effx........All the very best for a rocking career............

like what is your goal. Lets say you are a legal secretary

Objective: To become part of a professional team and utilize my skills as a legal secretary

There is no period at the end of the sentence and it is briefly stating what you want in your career. You can fine tune it to any job you are sending a resume to. Good Luck!

P.s. remember to check your spelling and grammer. As you can see I did not. :)

You put what your goal is by working on that job: for instance,
objective-To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my excellent customer service skills.

I basically sell my self w/ the objective, as well as let the employer know what i'm looking for, in a position.

Tell what you would like to achieve with the company, Example: To obtain an entry level position with the possibility for advancement.

Your goals. I never bother with having an Objective section anyway.

Your goals for your career, what kind of job you would like to obtain.

but... really the objective part isn't always used as much as it used to be.

What your objective in school/work/overall is as it relates to the job you are applying for.

What you put here is a statement about how you can help their company--not how you can help yourself. For example, say something like: To use my talent in management to increase sales margins.
Don't say: To obtain a position where I can grow and interface with others with the same interests.

You're supposed to put basically that your objective is to get a job. People try to make it sound flowery and important but this is more and more looked upon as a b.s. filler field on a resume. If you're sending in your resume, obviously you're looking for a job. You can leave it off completely.

I would suggest you take some professional help (for FREE) from MS word which has inbuilt resume templates for making your resume.

You can also follow the step-by-step instruction to make your free resume, using the resume builder provided with MS office.

Resume styles differ according to profession, and sources of sample resumes are available in my profile, check my profile for more details, all the best :)

Amanda, under the objective part, you want to write why you are even applying to this job in particular, or any job for that matter. You want to tell an employer where you want your life to head and why. They are looking to see, basically, if they should even spend the time and money to hire you. If you are applying for a nurse position and yet you went to school for music, and your objective was to be a lounge singer, it's probably not the best idea for them to even hire you. Get it? I hope that helps! ;-)

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