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Is it okay to use *'s instead of bullets in a resume?

I'm wondering is it okay to use the(*) instead of bullets. whenever i try to add the bullets it keeps bulleting the whole sentence awakardly.

I use +, instead of *, when saving my resume as .txt.

For .doc, however, bullets are more professional. Try using FORMAT-PARAGRAPH-SPECIAL: Hanging.

I find when I put an asterisk in then a space before I start typing, when I press the enter key, it automatically bullets it?
Then when I go to type another point, it will continue to do so without you having to add another asterisk?
Am using Word 2003 and I quite like that functionality cos my bullet pointing also often goes askew when I try to do it properly!

Bullets are more professional for a resume.

If you make a list first, and then make bullets it won't mess it up.

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