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What kinds of things do you put under the "Objective" part of a resume?

I need to know, its just for a school assignment.

Talk about what you're looking for, and why.

e.g. "Full-time 5th grade teacher seeking a summer position teaching test preparation courses."

Seeking to secure a full time position teaching world and U.S. History grades 7-12.

Customized Resume Objective Gets Better Results

Writing Your Resume Objective

Its the first thing on a resume after your contact information. Your resume objective may determine a hiring manager's interest in the rest of your resume.

I have seen otherwise perfectly qualified candidates get turned away because, according to their resume objective, they "want to do something else."

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When applying for a specific position with a company, make sure your resume objective matches up with the position you are applying for.

When you are putting together a more general resume, either for posting online or for distribution at a career fair, keep the resume objective more general.

Examples of specific resume objectives:

* A position as a Senior Java Software Engineer developing n-tier applications.
* Entry level Electrical Engineer position at XYZ Company.
* SQL Database Developer in the Financial Services Industry.

Examples of more general objectives:

* A position that will utilize my years of experience in application development.
* A position in the Electrical Engineering field.
* A position in Database Development or Administration.

By customizing your objective, the hiring manager (or decision maker) sees instantly that you are a potential fit for the position and that you care enough about first impressions to go that extra step.

your goals and what you plan on achieving (by working there or attending that school, depends who your resume is to)

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