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What local places can I go to fax my resume?

I'm more than willing to pay a small fine like a quarter or something. I just don't know what places provide a fax machine for the public to use. The library?

A quarter won't cut it, that won't even pay for the fax operators toner, paper, etc. Most charge $1 for first page and 50 cents per additonal page. Try Kinko's, Officemax, etc. If you attend a school they will most liekly do it free.

yes the library or your local office supply store..alot of pharmacies offer this as also your local post office..

Just about anyplace that sells office supplies or offers copy services also have fax services.

Try kinkos or any copy place.

The unemployment office's resource center

check this out this is total free internet fax service

I can fax from my computer-just hook a phone line up to yours and get the right program. Its simple. Do it yourself.
This website explains how:

Library, photocopy stores, even some corner stores have fax machines that you can use for a fee.

A quarter probably won't do it though. Might cost a couple of dollars. Usually such items are billed per page.

The library or your local workforce center (aka unemployment office), this one will usually provide services at no charge to their clients.

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