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Pt. 2 - Resume Help: What sounds better on my resume, "eBay Seller" or "Online Sales?"?

In my previous question, almost everyone said adding eBay seller to my resume was a smart idea, especially since I'm 18 with limited expericene. Currently, it's entered as fallows:

鈥Bay Seller, Since October 2001
Over 400 transactions, 99% positive feedback. Created and managed auctions and sales for over five years.

Many of you have suggested, and I have decided to change the title "eBay seller" to something else. But what? I was thinking "online sales." I was also thinking "Online Entrepeneur," but I'm not sure if it makes sense. What should I change the title to?

Definitely put down online sales because it's more general, so it sounds like you have more experience with selling different products and different customers. You can put down E-bay as a place you have sold on, or any other places.

definetly online sales!!!! eBay makes you sound cheap

Try giving your sales a name--such as a business name. Then you can put that you started this business. Starting ones own business is more complicated than just selling things. Don't be misleading, but there is nothing wrong with being picky with your terminology (as you are doing).

online sales.

eBay Seller indicates you sell eBay, not products through eBay...
Online Sales indicates you were invlved in Online Sales, which is much more accurate.

Go with Online Sales

Online sales sounds better. then in your description of the job, put everything else.

I think that you should put: Online Sales, October 2001-present
400+ sales. That should be it, if you talk about the feedback and auctions and sales then they will know that it is ebay. Sorry, but any nitwit can sell on ebay and have lots of sales. I have dealt with a few of them myself.

also try ebay powerseller or online sales through ebay

online sales sounds broader

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