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What should you put under objective for a resume?

I would like to use the same resume to apply for a variety of jobs.(secretary, bank teller, etc.)

Most job search agencies and resume helps now recommend that you do not use an 'objective' area on your resume. With the job market as it is, you considerably narrow your chances and choices by including this on a resume. If you are going to use it I would suggest that your objective be something along the lines of "to obtain a position which best utilizes my skills and strengths while allowing me to work in a forward thinking environment in which I can grow and enhance my abilities."

this is in my cv

I aim to work in an esteemed organization to be associated with a dynamic team, which works toward the growth of organization and which gives a scope to update my skills with the latest trends where growth and prospective are unlimited specially when making you feel as an important player in an important team, which pushes you to give your best.

On mine I put
To secure a management position in a goal oriented company where my skills and education will be challenged and there is room for advancement

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